Would Darwin fish under the ice?

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Hi Friends

I hope you've had a good few weeks.

I've been loving teaching my course and I'm excited that we're in the final stretches with a great group of people. So far so good — everyone is building their website and writing their wisdom. I haven't opened the doors for the next cohort yet, but if you're keen to join in September, then email me right back to secure your place.

On a different note, I helped two non-profits last year with all the things they needed to start their own podcast. They came to me with high motivation. But after teaching them how to do it, the podcast sadly went on the back burner.

So I endeavoured to find out why. The result is my new podcast-done-for-you service. It takes the headache out of launching a new podcast and let's people do what they're good at—connecting with their target audience—while we take care of the technical stuff.

You can see how this turned out with The Sell Well, Do Good podcast where I helped Whitten Roy & Partners with the launch of their new book.

It's so much easier this way and way cheaper in terms of time and money. We either help clients host the podcast themselves, in which case we'll do all the editing and distribution to podcast players. Or we'll do the hosting and they provide us with the guests to have on the show.

Podcasts are a great way to maintain the interest of an existing pool of clients, donors and customers. Many people attract customers to their website, hook them in with a newsletter, but then miss an opportunity in converting those people into an engaged community. Podcasting gives people an emotional connection with a brand because they connect, empathise and relate to people's stories.

I hope you enjoy this week's links!


✨ Personal Growth

Study yourself like a bug. I took this tip from an interview with Safi Bahcall on the Tim Ferriss podcast. Study yourself like a bug and keep a journal to record your findings. Self awareness is a superpower.

🔗 Safi Bahcall — On Thinking Big, Curing Cancer, and Transforming Industries (2 hrs 25 min)

Be more intentional about your life by regularly doing a life audit. Some time on your hands this summer? It may be a good time to take a step back and check in with your life. This is a step-by-step guide on how to do that. Post-its at the ready!

🔗 How and Why to do a Life Audit (9 mins)

👔 Professional Development

If Darwin was alive, I bet he'd publish on a personal website. I relished this article that references the independent researchers of Darwin and Joule who didn't need the ivory towers of academic institutions to fund their work. Nowadays, you don't need a PhD to study something you care about. You need passion and a personal website to share your findings with the world.

"Do whatever you can’t stop thinking about. Documenting your findings in public (regardless of outcomes!) is a worthy contribution to society, full stop. If you’re doing something new, and you care about understanding the problem, people will pay attention. What’s more, they’ll take your ideas and make them better than you’d ever imagined. And that style of research - living in service to the public - starts to look very different from the bloated, ivory tower models we’ve been accustomed to."

🔗 The independent researcher (5 mins)

Being interested in other things is not just OK—it's good for your career. I've started to think that the shape of a good career is like a tree. As the tree protrudes from the ground and billows out into branches and leaves, so a career starts on a very specialised path. Once we reach a level of expertise, our curiosity draws us into new, adjacent fields. For me my trunk is WASH. Now I'm branching into behavioural science, philosophy, marketing and technology. This article is a good exploration into the mindsets of the generalist and the specialist workers.

🔗 The Generalized Specialist: How Shakespeare, Da Vinci, and Kepler Excelled (12 mins)

📡 Tech and Social Entrepreneurship

How I overhauled my email and task management system. This is one of those things that has saved me countless hours since I implemented it. My email is now not a to-do list and I'm all the more productive for it. The Things 3 app really is worth it...

🔗 One-Touch to Inbox Zero: How I Spend 17 Minutes Per Day on Email (17 mins)

Save text from any website and PDF with this chrome extension. So much of what we read is read and then forgotten. By using Weava to save a highlight and add a note on why it resonated, you're moving from passive consumption to productive use of the information you read. Download the Weava extension from the Chrome store.

🔗 Weava Highlighter


Fishing Under Ice anyone? The internet brings out the strange and bizarre in people. This artistic installation is a wonder!

Heading out on vacation? I'm discovering some great walks on this website and will be using it on our holiday this summer.

AllTrails: Trails Guides & Maps for Hiking, Camping and Running

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