How I created a habit to write every day

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Hi Friends

How have you been?

I've had a huge break through these last few weeks that I'm excited to share. I've posted 3 blog posts!

I'm not too excited about the quality of my work. But I am excited that I've built a new habit.

Let me explain....

I've always wanted to write more online. I've heard time and again that's it's the best investment in yourself you can make. It opens up so many opportunities, and as a consultant like me, I see it having infinite upside for the investment of 2-3 hours a week.

But I've always struggled. I know how to do it and I've even published an atomic essay every day for 30 days, but I couldn't sustain it. I'd always find less important things to do.

The answer was simple: I found an accountability partner.

I have a 30 minute zoom call in my calendar every day where my writing partner and I just write.

That's it. We open up zoom, declare out intentions for the session, turn the video and mic off, and get on with writing.

Then the best bit at the end: we mark another notch on our calendar in a Google doc and the goal is to just not break the chain.

The feedback I've had to the course I'm building is that this is the backbone. Fundamentally, the course is about building a valuable habit, whilst learning the tools to develop your voice and publish credible things online. I'm excited!

Now onto the links...

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Have a great couple of weeks.


✨ Personal Growth

About worrying what other people think: I probably worry more than I should about what other people think. I wonder if that 'reply all' email I sent is going to come back to haunt me? What will they think about the presentation I gave? This graphic is a useful tool to help us stop worrying and keep our mind focused ahead.

How to be a top performer at any skill: I love this for its simplicity. It's not rocket science, but if you want to be invaluable in the work place, learn a skill that is rare and valuable. For me, maybe's that's cost-benefit analysis. Or designing monitoring and learning frameworks.

Top Performer (3 mins)

How you and your team can make better decisions: But also how you empower your team to make better decisions. This means thinking about the pros, cons, supporting data and how it works given the assets and constraints you have.

Rigorous thinking: No lazy thinking (5 mins)

Systemic racism at IDEO: I'm sharing this article because it helped me see more of my own biases. It provides a warning signal for insincere 'equity washing' by firms who claim to stand firm against racism, without acknowledging the systemic racism that they perpetuate. While the author focuses on his experience at IDEO, he acknowledges the issue is industry-wide.

Surviving IDEO (21 mins)

👔 Professional Development

Knowing how much money you need to be happy: The More More More Monster is lurking in the shadows. Don't get caught, get aware. Stop, step back and enquire whether you're on the right track. If you're mindlessly trudging ahead, the More More More Monster will win.

How much is enough? (2 mins)

Why you should own the first 1-5 search results on Google: This timeless personal branding advice from Tim Ferriss in 2008 still holds true today. 'Get Google Insurance' explains why you should own the first 1-5 search results in Google.

Tips for Personal Branding in the Digital Age (3 mins)

An organisation that shares their work in progress: Big shout out to my friend Andrew Foote at Sanivation for sharing their Talent Management System. With the problems facing the planet, we have many important jobs to do. It makes no sense to be working in isolation. If we're to go further together, we need to share more; not only as organisations, but as individuals - as infallible human beings. I love how Andrew frames this as work in progress. Spot on! No one has it all worked out...

Open-sourcing Our Talent Management Systems (7 mins)

📡 Tech and Social Entrepreneurship

Tools to help with analytical thinking: A website that helps you make better decisions and think more clearly. It uses fun tools backed by evidence to help you be more rational.

Clearer Thinking - Thrive in a complex world using science-based tools.

Free learning links all in one place: A gateway to free learning on the web. (⚠️Rabbit Hole Warning!!⚠️ you may lose hours if you click this link.)

The Free Learning List - The internet's best education resources

Analysis of the latest internet trends : A hugely interesting deep dive into the recent trends of the internet—which we've seen massively accelerated by COVID.

The Great Unbundling


The ultimate music to help you focus: This track sends chills down my spine. When i need some focus work time, I open this track up, stick it on loop, and get work done. Beautiful!

Sebastian Plano - Soul II (Elan)

This site lets you learn through play: Oh my god! Endless fun whilst learning stuff! I've been watching The Expanse on Amazon Prime recently and wondered how they depict weightlessness. Now I get it by playing this game.

By Andy Narracott

I'm a consultant in water, sanitation and hygiene and love all things social entrepreneurship and tech. How can I help you? Hit reply and let’s set up a call.

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